Jim Gould, President Floor Covering Institute
    James C. Gould is president and founder of the Floor Covering Institute. A 40 year veteran of the floor covering industry,
    he has   been recognized as  "One of the Industry's 20 Most Influential Men".Mr. Gould has owned, operated and founded
    multiple national and international floor covering enterprises beginning with Misco Shawnee, a full-line Midwest flooring
    distributor once ranked 8th in the nation.  He founded Distribution Services, Inc. to provide logistics and administrative
    services to international companies and used DSI to be the first to bring new products and companies to the U.S; most
    notably Pergo then Quickstep. He founded the ceramic line, Casa Italia, and used it to launch a network of ceramic
    distributors.  In the late 1990s Mr. Gould purchased the intellectual assets of Color Tile, Inc. from bankruptcy and formed
    a new buying group, Color Tile LLC, which he later sold.  In 2004 he became the first Chief Product Officer for   CCA Global
    Partners; while there he created CCA's first direct import division creating the opportunity for member retailers to import
    directly through the CCA's portal. He formed the Floor Covering Institute in late 2007.

    Contact:   Ph:  314-991-7770                             Visit Jim's personal page
Mitchell Dancik
    Mitchell Dancik is President of Dancik International, Ltd. the leading provider of software to the floor covering, ceramic
    tile, and natural stone industries. Mitch has spent the past 25 years working with over 130 leading flooring companies
    specializing in systems that work seamlessly for the entire supply chain. Today, more than half of all the hard-surface
    flooring sold in North America is processed by Dancik software at some point on its journey from the plant to the home. As
    a consultant with the Floor Covering Institute, Mitch contributes his expertise in streamlining operations and connecting
    customers, distributors and suppliers through technology.  Mitch’s company, Dancik International, is active in many
    industry organizations, including the North American Association of Floor Covering Distributors (NAFCD), the Ceramic Tile
    Distributors Association (CTDA), the Tile Council of North America (TNCA), the Floor Covering Business to Business
    Association (fcB2B) and the World Floor Covering Association (WFCA).  

    Contact:                   Ph: 919.379.3753                              Visit Mitch's personal page
Stuart Hirschhorn
    Stuart Hirschhorn is the founder of Catalina Research, Inc. which provides in-depth analysis of construction materials and
    the building equipment markets including floor covering. The Catalina Report is a core industry resource that incorporates
    U.S. government and proprietary business statistics and includes analysis and forecasting for shipments, imports,
    exports, pricing trends, end-use markets, channels and more.  Stuart works closely with leading flooring manufacturers
    and distributors to analyze sales trends, import/export opportunities, distribution channel strategies and plant cost
    structure. Stuart has been a speaker at leading trade shows including the annual Surfaces show in Las Vegas, Nevada and
    was a featured speaker at the 2007 China Wood Flooring Export Import Conference in Hangzhou, China.  His experience
    as a research analyst began at Morton Research Corporation in 1969. He has continued in this genre for 30 years
    becoming one of the country's most prominent resources for the flooring and the greater home construction industries.

    Contact: Ph: 561-988-0853                          Visit Stuart's personal page
Lew Migliore
    Lew Migliore is President of LGM and Associates, a technical consulting firm specializing in all aspects of product and
    installation performance and education.  He is author of "The Claims File" appearing regularly in Floor Covering News.  Mr.
    Migliore is a 39 year industry veteran considered to be one of the floor covering industry's most respected and competent
    independent analysts of flooring complaints, problems and performance issues.  He provides consulting services for all
    types of flooring problems related to manufacturing, specifications, installation, performance, use and maintenance.  He
    is the author of "The Claims File" a column published by Floor Covering News and he publishes "The Commercial Flooring
    Report" a national publication focused on the state of the commercial flooring industry.He is a key note speaker, author
    and educator on his topics of expertise.
    Contact:                         Ph: 706-370-5888                                Visit Lew's Personal Page
Donato Pompo
    Donato Pompo has over 40 years of experience in the ceramic tile and natural stone industry.  He is President of Ceramic
    Tile and Stone Consultants (CTaSC)  a consultancy comprised of accomplished ceramic tile and stone installers,
    construction scientists and other industry specialist located throughout the U.S. He has experience as an installer, as a tile
    distributor and importer, as a manufacturer of installation products for ceramic tile and stone, and for the last eight plus
    years as a forensic investigator, expert witness, quality control consultant and trainer. Donato is the past chairman and
    current member for the Ceramic Tile Institute of America (CTIOA) Technical Committee, a member of the Marble Institute
    of America (MIA) and Building Stone Institute (BSI). He participates in the Tile Council of North America (TCNA)
    Committee, and sits on the ASTM C18 Stone Committee as well as the ANSI A 108 and ISO TC-189 Committees.  He is a
    member of the National Tile Contractors Association (NTCA) Technical Committee.   Donato is a Certified Microbial
    Remediator (CMR), a Certified Document Technologist (CDT) through the CSI architectural organization, and a Ceramic
    Tile Consultant through CTIOA.  He has a biochemistry education with MBA degree.

    Contact:      Ph: 866-669-1550   International: 619-669-2967      Visit Donato's Personal Page
    Christopher P. Ramey  Chris Ramey is one of America's foremost authorities on marketing and selling to the affluent with
    over 30 years in the floor covering industry as the platform.  He is president of Affluent Insights and chairman of The
    Luxury Marketing Council Florida.  Affluent Insights is a business development, marketing communications, sales training
    and public speaking consultancy specializing in helping companies penetrate the luxury market.  Ramey’s retail
    experience includes past president, International Design Guild; the world’s largest chain of decorative floor coverings with
    100+ showrooms, SVP with CCA Global Partners, and owner of his own floor covering retail stores.  He started his career at
    Macy’s highly regarded Executive Management Training Program in their floor covering departments.

Ruud Steenvorden

    Ruud Steenvoorden is president of Steenvoorden Consultancy located in South Africa.  Ruud is past Corporate Director of
    Purchasing at Fetim B.V. an international company that buys, markets and distributes wood and laminate floor covering,
    and other construction materials, to retailers, professionals and DIY chains across Europe.  At Fetim he was responsible
    for strategic purchases as well as for managing the wood flooring business.  He is past vice president of the European
    Federation of Parquet Importers (EFPI), a Brussels based association of European importers of engineered and solid wood
    flooring.  He has over 30 years experience in the international wood and laminate flooring markets.  Ruud was born in the
    Netherlands. He speaks Dutch, English, German and French and is now living and working in South Africa.

    Warren Tyler  is owner of Motivation Plus.  He is a professional speaker with over 1,200 appearances as key noter. He is
    a consultant and trainer to the retail and wholesale business world focusing on sales, service, merchandising, motivation
    advertising and more.  A true entrepreneur, Warren started his own flooring installation and cleaning business at age 22.
    He's had a varied and innovative 27 year retail career as owner of home furnishings, kitchen and bath, antique, interior
    design and flooring operations—wholesale, retail and contract.  He now focuses on teaching and motivating through
    speaking appearances, consulting and writing.  His trade newspaper columns have appeared in every issue of Floor
    Covering News since its inception. He enjoys the highest readership in the industry. His writing extends to the mainstream
    press as well as newsletters, books, DVDs, CDs and special projects.

Christine Whittemore
    Christine B. Whittemore is Chief Simplifier of Simple Marketing Now and a  marketing expert with 16 years experience in
    the floor covering, home furnishings and apparel industries.  Simple Marketing Now  focuses on helping companies connect
    with consumers by using both traditional and non traditional methods such as social marketing to improve the customer
    experience and build brands. Ms. Whittemore's focus is to make purchasing her clients' products a natural conclusion to
    an informative and comfortable buying experience, while simultaneously building brand loyalty and increasing the impact
    of marketing investments using both traditional and nontraditional marketing tools. She works with retailers,
    manufacturers, and associations inside and outside of the industry to help them simplify their marketing approach and
    incorporate social marketing strategies. She recently wrote and often updates a comprehensive survey of the state of
    social media marketing in the floor covering industry,  found on her Flooring the Consumer website and has recently
    published her first e-book on social marketing, Social Media Collective Wisdom.

    Contact:  Ph:   973-283-2424              Visit Christine's Personal Page
David Wootton

    David Wootton is President of the Wootton Group. He is an international business professional with 17 years experience
    as a hands on chief executive of major U.S. flooring  manufacturing companies. Mr. Wootton's expertise lies in strategic
    development, global sourcing, turnarounds and mergers and acquisitions.  He guides businesses through asset
    utilization, strategic realignments and divestitures, working with companies to strengthen their strategic teams and key
    personnel.  As CEO, Mr. Wootton led both Harris-tarkett and Columbia Flooring through ambitious expansions and
    successful growth periods. From 1998 to 2007, Mr. Wootton lead Columbia through conversion of A Virginia plywood plant
    to a hardwood flooring plant and multiple acquisitions of manufacturing facilities in Georgia, Arkansas, Tennessee, West
    Virginia and offshore in Malaysia.  By 2007 Columbia was the second largest hardwood flooring manufacturer in the U.S.
    when it was purchased by Unilin, a division of Mohawk Industries, Inc. Prior to his tenure in the flooring industry, he held
    executive positions with automotive chemical manufacturer, Dinol, and a large residential and commercial construction
    company, Bovis Construction Ltd., both based in the U.K.  Mr. Wootton is a resident of Atlanta, GA with offices in both
    Atlanta and the UK.  

    Contact:          Ph: 404 391-9751                               Visit David's Personal Page
    Carl Ruland is President and founder of Global Flooring Consulting  (Bonn, Germany) a consultancy whose primary
    objective is to provide companies with strategies to sell their products throughout Europe. He has been active in the U.S.
    and European flooring industry holding executive positions with Akzenta Paneele & GmbH Classen Gruppe and Domo
    Cushion Vinyl, which was recently sold to IVC Group.  Ruland was responsible for introducing Classen to the American
    market and initiating a container direct business with CCA Global Partners'  GCO and Global Direct divisions.  He also
    established OEM programs between Mannington and other manufacturers.  At Domo, Ruland was responsible for a $20
    million retooling project, installing state of the art machinery to produce up to 30 million square meters of glass backed
    sheet vinyl.  Ruyland defines himself as a "discrete, efficient consultant whose primary concern is to develop business
    strategies for companies seeking opportunities in the global market."

    Contact:        Office: +49 (228) 617- 79694    Mobile: +49 (173) 525-6074
    Visit Car's Personal Page

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