Jim Gould, President Floor Covering Institute
James C. Gould is president and founder of the Floor Covering Institute; A 45 year veteran of the floor
covering industry, he has been recognized as  "One of the Industry's 20 Most Influential Men."
Mr. Gould owned, operated and founded multiple national and international floor covering enterprises
beginning with Misco Shawnee, a full-line Midwest flooring distributor once ranked 8th in the nation.  He
founded Distribution Services, Inc. to provide logistics and administrative services to international companies
and used DSI to be the first to bring new products and companies to the U.S.; most notably Pergo then
Quickstep.  In the late 1990s Mr. Gould purchased the intellectual assets of Color Tile, Inc. from  bankruptcy
and formed a new buying group, Color Tile LLC, which he later sold.  In 2004 he became the first Chief
Product Officer for
CCA Global Partners; while there he created CCA's first direct import division. He formed the
Floor Covering Institute in late 2007. Mr. Gould understands the global floor covering market and has
resources and clients around the globe.

His clients include members of the industry including manufacturers, distributors, associations and buying
groups. Outside the industry he consults with investors and the legal community. His research and writing is
published in both U.S. and international industry publications. His white paper on the
Lacey Act, which delves
into the issue of the standard of care to which the industry will be held by the new timber provisions, has been
called a "must read" by members of the industry.

He recently co-authored  a comprehensive study on the
Luxury Vinyl Tile market: An Analysis of Growth,
Opportunities and Threats with Stuart Hirschhorn of Catalina Reports.
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Friday, June 19, 2009 - Interview by Christine Whittemore

Meet Jim Gould - Floor Covering Institute Series
    In this series, I introduce you to the members of the Floor
    Covering Institute. This post focuses on James C. [or Jim]
    Gould, president and founder of the Floor Covering Institute.

    I first met Jim in mid 2004 shortly after he joined CCA Global
    Partners as chief product officer. Very quickly, I realized that
    his product knowledge and marketplace perspectives were
    unlike any I had encountered so far in the flooring industry.
    Not only had Jim developed a comprehensive perspective of
    the flooring industry, in terms of product categories, end uses
    possible, marketplace success and how to distribute products
    effectively, but he also brought a global understanding of
    industry dynamics. Plus, he spoke French!

    Many in the flooring industry consider Jim a “visionary.” You
    see, he has the ability to envision opportunities before others
    do. Examples: Pergo laminate, Casa Italia ceramic, Resista
    fiber at CCA [see below for more details]... Jim examines a
    problem and comes away with a totally different perspective
    and solution. And, not just in the flooring industry...

    Take St. Louis Children's Hospital on whose board he has
    served for the past 15 years and where he heads the Patient
    Care and Quality Committee. St. Louis Children's Hospital has
    just made U.S. News Honor Roll of Top Children's Hospitals in
    America - the only children's hospital ranked in the Top 10 of
    every measured category and it ranks #5 nationally in a study
    by Parents magazine.

    Jim is also a past Chapter Chairman of the Young President’s
    Organization and chaired a week long International YPO
    University that included such notables as Presidents George W.
    Bush, Shimon Peres and F.W. de Klerk aboard Cunard’s QE2...

    C.B.: Jim, please tell me about yourself.

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    FCI and Catalina Reports issue a statistical
    and analysis of the Luxury Vinyl Tile Market

Luxury Vinyl Tile:
An Analysis of Growth, Opportunities and Threats
Authored by Jim Gould and Stuart Hirschhorn of Catalina Reports
Published: November 2014

What is the long-term opportunity for LVT flooring?
Will new plants under construction cause over capacity?
How will new capacity affect prices and market shares?
Will LVT resist the pressure of commoditization?
What is the biggest threat to LVT?

These questions and more are addressed in the LVT report just released
by Catalina Research and the Floor Covering Institute.

LVT has been the strongest growing sector of the U.S. floor coverings
industry over the past decade. We estimate U.S. supply will reach $1.1
billion during 2014 and is forecast to climb to over 9% of all U.S.
flooring sales by 2019. In 2014 we estimate it represents 5.3% of all
U.S. flooring sales and this is up from 1.6% in 2007.

New LVT manufacturing plants are being built in Europe, Asia and the
United States. While many companies are eager to enter this exploding
market, others fear that new production capacity will lead to an
imbalance in supply and demand and an eventual commoditization of
luxury vinyl tile flooring along the lines of what laminate flooring
suffered in the past.  

The goal of this report was to determine current and future global
demand for LVT and how markets will be affected in the next five years.  
To answer this question and many others Catalina performed a full
statistical analysis of the product and markets.

Jim Gould provides analysis, observations and insight on new,
innovative technologies, barriers to market entry, critical channel partner
relationships, environmental threats and more.

Contact the authors:
Jim Gould
         Stuart Hirschhorn
Full Biography Jim Gould is President and Founder of
the Floor Covering Institute LLC.

    Jim Gould is President and Founder of the Floor Covering
    Institute LLC,a consulting concern focused on the global floor
    covering industry. A 45 year floor covering entrepreneur
    recognized as “One of the Industry's 20 Most Influential Men”,
    Gould is known for spotting opportunity where others do not.
    He is now recognized as an independent expert with clients and
    associates around the world.

    Gould formed the Institute in 2007 to focus on creating
    opportunities in the floor covering industry. He stays current
    with new product innovations and industry players with clients
    that include international flooring exhibitions, associations,
    manufacturers, distributors, large retailers, and innovators
    seeking entre into the industry. He speaks at industry events
    and publishes regularly. Equity research analysts and the legal
    profession turn to him for his expertise.

    For 35 years Gould owned and operated Misco Shawnee, one of
    the largest floor covering distributors in the US. In 1991, he
    founded Distribution Services, Inc. (DSI), a third-party logistics
    service provider to international flooring manufacturers. Gould
    introduced Pergo to the US 1992; DSI performed their national
    logistics and Misco became Pergo’s first US distributor. He did
    the same for Unilin's Quick Step. Gould is credited for
    pioneering the laminate category and received the North
    American Laminate Flooring Association President's Award for
    his contribution to the industry.

    Recognizing the market potential of ceramic tile for full line
    flooring distributors, Gould founded an Italian ceramic tile line
    called Casa Italia in the early 1990s and introduced ceramic
    tile to his peers in the U.S. In 1997 when the national flooring  
    retailer Color Tile, Inc. filed bankruptcy, Gould purchased the
    company's intellectual assets from Chapter 11 and reorganized
    the brand into a buying group with franchised retail units.

    In 2003, CCA Global Partners recruited Gould as its first Chief
    Product Officer. There he expanded the company's global
    sourcing and proprietary product offerings and created CCA’s
    first direct import division with North American fulfillment and

    Active in industry organizations Gould’s leadership positions
    include: President, National Association of Floor Covering
    Distributors (NAFCD) (1994); Board of Directors, World Floor
    Covering Association (WFCA) (1981-1987); Chairman, Floor
    Covering Consumer Credit Association (FCCCA) (2003- 2005);
    Board of Directors, Floor Covering Industry Foundation (FCIF)

    Industry recognitions include: 2014 Lifetime Achievement
    Award, North American Floor Covering Distributors Association;
    2013 President's Award for his contribution to the laminate
    industry from the North American Laminate Flooring
    Association; 2006 named “Top 20 Most Influential Men in the
    Industry” by Floor Covering Weekly. In 2002, the Spanish
    government and the Ceramic Tile Manufacturers Association
    (ACER) presented Jim with the Jerry Fisher Memorial Award for
    his contribution to the ceramic industry; 1999 and 1998 he was
    named one of the “Top 150 Privately Owned Businesses by the
    St. Louis Business Journal; 1997 Flooring Magazine’s People of
    the Year; 1996 Entrepreneur of the year, NASDAQ, Ernst &
    Young, Sprint, and USA Today; 1988 Distributor of the Year,
    National Congress of Floor Covering Associations.

    Jim presently sits on the board of the National Wood Flooring
    Association. He has been a member of the Board of Trustees
    of St. Louis Children's Hospital for 20 years and currently
    serves as its Vice Chairman. Other Board positions include: G.
    S. Robins and Co., Tarleton Construction Co., Shure
    Manufacturing, Rohan Woods School and the A. J. Bitker
    Memorial Charitable Foundation. He is a past Chapter
    Chairman of the Young Presidents’ Organization (YPO) and a
    graduate of Northwestern University.

    Gould can be contacted at jgould@floorcoveringinstitute.com.
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Jim Gould, Founder
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A White Paper on China's Flooring Industry
Authored by Jim Gould
Published: March 2012

China Briefing: the Growing Opportunity in China
A look at China's economy, consumer market, floor
covering demand and logistics channels for the floor
covering industry.

Introduction The rate and duration of China’s economic rise is
unprecedented in human history.  New cities housing millions of people
now stand over what was farm land only a few years ago.  While much of
the world suffers economic paralysis, China continues its economic climb
and will soon become the world's largest economy. The only question is
when it will happen, not if.

The USA has been slow to recover from the housing downturn. The
American floor covering industry has contracted 30% over the last three
years while China’s flooring industry is growing at the rate of 15% per
year. Catalina Reports estimates that China’s floor covering market was
42 billion square feet in 2011, more than twice the size of the US
market which is estimated at 17.6 billion square feet. The opportunity
and future need for floor covering is so large it’s staggering, even
difficult to calculate.

While millions of Chinese remain poor, hundreds of millions will see
their disposable incomes grow dramatically in the next few years. The
government has targeted increased consumerism and development of
Tier 2 and Tier 3 cities in the Western and Central regions as two major
goals to be accomplished in the 12th Five Year Plan (2011-2015).
Economic growth and increased consumption will require improved
logistics to get products to the new consumers. China is focused on
addressing the weaknesses in the existing logistics and distribution
system to enable the country to meet the challenges it has set out for
itself in the current Five Year Plan.
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A White Paper on the the Lacey Act and its impact
on the flooring industry
Authored by Jim Gould
Published: April 2010

Continuing Wood Trade under the Lacey Act

How the Lacey Act Amendments affect the floor covering and wood
products industries and suggestions for overcoming the lack of
guidance regarding the due care standard.

In May 2008 the United States passed the world's most punitive and
far reaching "ban" on illegally harvested forest products; declaring this
country would no longer traffic in, or allow its consumer market to be
the primary channel for "illegally logged wood".  This has drawn
criticism from some international suppliers who complain the Lacey Act
is a tool to limit competition in the world's largest wood market and
that is discriminates against certain countries.

What is illegally logged wood?  Lacey makes it a crime to receive,
transport or sell timber products harvested in a manner contrary to the
laws of the country from which the timber originated.

What are the consequences of violating the Lacey Act?

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See the Full Table of Contents.
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