Lew Migliore is President of LGM and Associates, a technical consulting
firm specializing in all aspects of product and installation performance and

    Mr. Migliore is a 39 year industry veteran considered to be one of the
    floor covering industry's most respected and competent independent
    analysts of flooring complaints, problems and performance issues.  
In one of the Institute's favorite
Commercial Flooring Reports ...
The Most Sustainable Carpet Fiber- Wool

    Lew writes:  Wool is sustainable,
    renewable and biodegradable, the
    only carpet fiber that is...  In
    commercial application an 80/20 wool
    nylon blend woven Axminster carpet
    can deliver heroic feats of
    performance. It will last 10- 12 years
    under the heaviest foot traffic of a
    casino and still look good.  There's a
    saying about wool carpet I learned
    early in my career, "Wool is like a
    beautiful woman, it grows old
Lew Migliore
Lew Migliore
    Migliore is a uniquely qualified speaker who sought after throughout
    the industry for his insightful, witty and straightforward perspective
    on issues.  As a claims consultant  his business success is predicated
    on impartial and objective findings. He deals with a myriad of floor
    covering problems including those related to manufacturing,
    specifications, installation, performance, use and maintenance.

    He is the author of "The Claims File" a column published by Floor
    Covering News and he publishes "The Commercial Flooring Report"
    a national publication focused on the state of the commercial flooring
    industry.  He is a key note speaker, author and educator on his topics
    of expertise. Migliore has written padding and installation
    specifications, maintenance manuals and claims policies and manuals
    for the industry.

    As a consultant for the Floor Covering Institute Mr. Migliore provides
    advice and guidance to the institute and is also available to consult
    with institute clients who need his expertise.
    Contact:   lgmtcs@optilink.us     lgmandassociates.com  
    PH: 706-370-5888
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