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Reaching the Consumer in a Changing Landscape By Jim Gould, April
While traditional distribution has been scrutinized and demonized, it has
largely held its ground.  Now that ground is shifting, creating a new landscape
with a plethora of pathways for mills to serve a new kind of customer.  What is
the impact on distribution and retail?  
How to Make "Social" Meaningful in Flooring By Christine Whittemore,
Jan. 3, 2011  "Social" is happening in flooring and it's leading to stronger
relationships with customers.  Imagine, though,...
Who Wants You to be Stupid?  By Christopher P. Ramey Jan. 3, 2011
Stupidity is a poor strategy in an era where information is king, when
consumers often know more than sales people and retailers should be
consumer centric.
Customers Want Solutions By Christine Whittemore, Oct. 10, 2010
Customers - especially women consumers - are looking to buy solutions, not
Carbon Sequestration in Hardwood Flooring
Wood Harvesting Concerns Could Harm the Flooring Industry
By Jim Gould, April 2010
There is a misguided belief in Europe that harvesting trees harms the
environment.  We need to recognize that this could negatively impact the
hardwood flooring industry and take action.
What Distributors Need to Know About Importing - By Jim Gould,
Jan. 02, 2010
While some may debate the relevance of independent distributors for
domestic product there is no question that the distribution function is a
necessity when foreign companies want to sell their products in the U.S.  
Foreign manufacturers need both the distribution function and the local
market knowledge of a distributor.  Independent distribution is alive and well
in the international trade and floor covering has become a global affair.
Continuing Wood Trade Under the Lacey Act Amendments - By Jim
Gould  Sep. 1, 2009
This White Paper puts the Lace Act Amendments into historical perspective,
explains its penalties, the Due Care standard, calls attention to red flags for
importers, discusses high risk countries and offers suggestions of what buyers
must do to demonstrate Due Care.
A Free Market is a Beautiful Thing  - Jim Gould 06/01/09
A classic example of free market in action takes place between China and
Russia's log markets - business schools around the world take note.
Light at the End of the Tunnel? -By Jim Gould  May 9, 2009
Tempering Enthusiasm with Reality  - on the current status of the industry
As the World Turns - By Jim Gould Talk Floor - Sept. 2008
Too often we are so consumed by what is happening in the USA, we miss
changes in the global market that impact us here.  An example is the
implementation of an 80% export duty that the Russian government has
levied on logs leaving the country.  Since they were the largest exporter of
logs in the world, this will have an impact on lumber prices globally.
Financial Crisis is Global - By Jim Gould Talk Floor - Sept. 2008
I have heard too many people say that the "Wall Street Bailout" is simply
going to put money into the pockets of already overpaid Wall Street execs.  
Believe me that the problem is much more global than that.  Unfortunately
our media is not giving us much information about this side of the crisis.
Writings on China and the Global Floor
Covering  Market
China Briefing: the Growing Opportunity in China: A
look at China's economy, consumer market, floor covering
demand and logistics channels for the floor covering industry.
The Great Urbanization
Threats and Opportunities in Floor CoveringJim Gould,
August, 2010
In the near future Asia will not be able to meet its domestic
demand for floor covering, it will consume more timber each
year than several countries can harvest, and the balance of
supply and demand will shift from the West to the East.
The Greening of Red China - By Jim Gould Nov. 23, 2009
Author Tom Friedman recently stirred the pot when he wrote that
China has decided to go green; otherwise it will "die from its own
development." Friedman said China's decision launches the
environmental equivalent of the space race and it is determined
to win.  If this is true, then the U.S. flooring industry needs to
examine the implications and opportunities.
China's Flooring Industry Still Growing, Still
Innovating - By Jim Gould Nov.2, 2009
Despite the current world economy, China's flooring industry
continues to grow at roughly 8 percent a year fuled by the
country's construction boom, government investments and
increased consumer spending.
China's Growing Flooring Industry  -By Jim Gould
I've toured Chinese flooring factories for nearly 20 years but on
my most recent trip I was struck by the changes to both the
country and its flooring industry. Its $13.3-billion flooring
industry continues to grow even through the economic slowdown
and innovations are still coming.
China's Economy and Construction Boom Creates Huge
Floor Covering Potential Jim Gould Nov. 6, 2009
Over 40 billion square meters of floor covering will be needed to
meet the expected rate of construction in China between now
and 2025.  Who will make it?
China's Demand for Flooring Creates Opportunity in
the West - By Jim Gould, Oct. 19, 2009
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