February 15
Wood Flooring Forum: presenting forces of change in the wood flooring industry
February 8
New group opposes tariffs in engineered flooring "anti-dumping" investigation
January 23
Catalina Outlook and Trends for 2011 Floor Covering Industry
January 24
New Floor Covering Seen at Domotex Raises Expectations on Eve of Surfaces
January 20
Environmental Laws that Affect Floor Covering
January 18
Jim Gould Reports from Domotex Hannover
January 14
Flooring Shows - Domotex - Surfaces - Coverings - Domotex Asia inspire and inform us
January 11
Education at Surfaces/StonExpo 2011
January 3
What to Tell Flooring Customers When They Claim Carpet is Being "Eaten" by the Vacuum
December 28
Can Strong Growth in Flooring Sales Depend on the Success of the Electric Car?
December 21
How the "New B2B" Can Revolutionize Your Flooring Business
December 14
Anti-dumping Allegations Will Profoundly Effect Engineered Flooring Market Regardless of
Investigation Outcome
December 7
Quality Control - the Best Way to Avoid Ceramic and Stone Installation Failures
November 23
Five Points for Achieving Painless Negotiations
November 16
Do Floor Covering Industry Trends Concern or Include You?
November, 2
New Plans for B2B Improvements Will Add Value for the Distributor and Retailer
October, 26
Wootton's Outlook on the Flooring Industry
October, 18
China's Flooring Innovations Increase
October, 12
Creativity in Flooring: The Bigger Picture
October, 5
Stone Floor Construction - Good Data Leads to Intelligent Decisions and Market Strategies
September, 28
Floor Covering Consumers Turn Cautious
September, 21
Floor Covering's New World Order online
September, 14
Flooring Shows - the Great Treasurehunt
September, 7
Leveraging Opportunities: Two Strategies for Flooring Retailers in the Down Turn
August, 30
Flooring Warranties and Expectations
August, 24
Dancik asks, 'What's Wrong with B2B in the Flooring Industry?
August 17
Delivering Brand Through Customer Service
August 12
Floor Covering Institute Updates Lacey Act Investigation and UN's "Year of Forests"
August, 3
Strategies for Increasing Your Floor Covering Market Share
July 27
The Great Urbanization: Threats and Opportunities in Floor Covering in China and India
July 20
How Spinning the Truth and Lying with Statistics Can Easily Deceive
July 13
Who Merchandises and Controls Your Floor Covering Showrooms
July 7
How the Flooring Industry and Consumers Can Reduce Flooring Waste Sent to Landfills
June 29
Despite Channel Conflicts, Flooring Distributors are Perfect Partners for Many
June 22
The New Consumer Frugality and Flooring
June 15
In the flooring industry it pays to have a vision.
June 8,
How the oil spill disaster may affect the flooring industry... Will customers start asking new
June 1
Floor Covering Retail Sales are on the Rise
May 25
Wood flooring's role as a sustainable carbon storage container needs to be told
May 19
How Training and "E-learning" Can Improve ROI
May 11
Predictions for the Changing Floor Covering Industry
May 4
Five Steps for Creating a Succession Plan in Your Floor Covering Business
Apr 27
Flooring, China & Social Media
Apr 20
The U.S. Lacey Act Amendments: Wood Product Supply Chain Tips and Myths
Apr 13
Tips for Using Your Floor Covering Supply Chain to Reduce Your Inventory Investment
Apr 6
`More About Moisture Problems Leading to Flooring Complains from Lew Migliore
Apr 1
Catalina says U.S. Flooring Industry Set for Spring Thaw
Mar 29
International Business Busltes at Domotex Asia Floor Covering Show and Wood Summit
Mar 25
Welcome Carpet One Retailers to the Floor Covering Institute Blog Site
Mar 23
Donato Pompo's Ceramic and Stone Expertise, Great New Addition to the Floor Covering
Mar 16
What Lessons Should We Learn from Floor Covering Leader, Lumber Liquidators?
Mar 11
Concrete Moisture Leading to Flooring Failures. Is This an Epidemic?
Mar 9
Shifting Homeowner Goals Call for New Floor Covering Strategies
Mar 4
Is Hard Surface Growth Just a Click Away?
Mar 2
Avoiding Cash Traps as the Recession Slows and Business Grows
Feb 23
What's Happening at the Floor Covering Institute?
Feb 18
Understanding Opportunities in China
Feb 16
Flooring Companies: It's Time for Your Annual Check-Up and Spring Cleaning
Feb 11
Are Floor Covering Sales on Schedule for a Spring Recovery?
Feb 9
International Summit to Address Global Wood and Laminate Flooring Issues
Jan 28
Prince Charles, Wool Growers, Carpet Industry Converge in New Wool Brand
Jan 26
Do Housing Stats Signal Recovery for Flooring Industry?
Jan 21
Impact and Importance of Brand Equity in Floor Covering
Jan 19
Why Flooring Retailers Should Focus on Selling Solutions
Jan 14
Update: What's Happening at Domotex Today
Jan 14
Moisture in Concrete Wreaks Flooring Havoc. Learn Why it's Getting Worse
Jan 12
China Has Awakened. Are You Ready?
Jan 7
Flooring and the Internet - Now I'm a Believer
Dec 29
Importing:Find Out What You Don't Know About Importing Before the Ship Sails
Jan 5
Catalina say Floor Covering Sales Expted to Begin Recovery in 2010
Dec 22,
Holiday Reading: Flooring Data, Trends and Consumer Behavior
Dec. 17
Domotex Offers tours of Germany DIY Stores
Dec 15
Sources of Flooring Inspiration & Innovation
Dec 10
Better Picture of Wood Flooring Imports Results from HTS Changes
Dec 8
Branding to Create Profit Opportunity
Dec 3
Flooring Manufacturers and Distributors: "Deja Vu all over again  
Dec. 1
"Tis the Season for Floor Covering Shows
Nov. 24
Reality Rains on Optimism for Floor Covering Industry
Nov 20
Lacey Act Illegal Wood Investigations Begin
Nov 1
The Commercial Floor Covering Forecast - Another Storm is Brewing
Nov 17
Flooring Retailers, Are you Evolving Your Digital Retail Experience?
Nov 12
Flooring May be Global but the Markets are Local  
Nov 10
Floor Covering Trends Target Generation Y
Nov 6
Faus Loses Patent for Embossed-in Register
Nov 4
Floor Covering Business is on the Up-tick says Migliore
Nov 39
Is Carpet "Dead" or Is it King?  
Oct. 29
Flooring Industry Wake Up Call Sets Stage for Insights at Surfaces 2010  
Oct  26
Migliore Says the Biggest Problem in Flooring is Not Understanding Product  
Oct 21
Will carpet return when "normal" returns?  And... what if the new "normal" is already here?
Oct 20
Wootton Takes a Look at the Future of Our Industry  
Oct 15
Institute Consultants to Hold Six Education Sessions at Surfaces 2010  
Oct 13
20 Years in Flooring: Then,Now and What Comes Next  
Oct 8
Hirschhorn Forecasts Future of Residential Flooring Replacement - Part 2
Oct 6
Stuart Hirschhorn: Residential Flooring Replacement Sales May Rise in 2010, Part 1 of 2   
Oct 1
Forecasting China's Fortunes: Introduction to "China Opportunity" Series  
Sep 29
Meet Susan Negley, Floor Covering Institute Director of Communications  
Sep 24
Meet Christine B. Whittemore, Social Media Marketer & Customer Enthusiast  
Sept 22
Meet David Wootton, Strategic Flooring Support Services Expert  
Sep 17
Will Chinese Drywall VOC Issue Affect Flooring?
Sep 15
Meet Jim Gould
Sep 10
How the Lacey Act Affects Floor Covering and Wood Products Industries
Sep 9
Welcome to the Floor Covering Institute Blog
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An independent voice discussing issues affecting the flooring industry.
Aug 18
"If it is to be, it is up to me: - sage advice for the flooring industry
August 9
B2B - an old term but a new opportunity for the flooring industry
Aug 2
Flooring companies must stay aggressive to prosper in the second half
July 27
Axminster icon, Brintons Carpet, in default
July 26
Clear thinking and innovation needed in the floor covering industry
July 19
What's changing in the carpet fiber industry?
July 12
Getting started: social media for floor covering businesses
June 29
Flexible, affordable training means adapting to and using technology
June 22
Is the flooring anti-dumping case a catalyst for change...?
June 14
Anti-dumping cases - who are the winners?
June 7
Catalina reports market updtae on resilient flooring
May 25
Retail Floor Covering: Choosing your market position
May 18
Is the iPad just a pretty face? Adding the iPad to your flooring business.
May 10
Floor Covering Conversations Evolve
May 4
What you need to know about flooring forensics
April 28
Battle over flooring patents takes a new turn
April 19
Year of Forests film raises concerns in wood flooring industry
April 12
Selling buggy whips on the Internet - and example of using competition to your advantage
April 5
Catalina reports three improving market opportunities
March 29
Ignorance - the top cause of flooring failures
March 22
Using technology to achieve Instant Distribution
March 15
Passing of an icon prompts look at risk to specialty floor covering
March 8
Who wants you to be stupid; Part II
March 1
FCI sends six consultants to Coverings
February 22
Charting your course with a business plan
Jim Gould, President Floor Covering Institute
Mitchell Dancik
Stuart Hirschhorn
Lew Migliore
Donato Pompo
Christine Whittemore
David Wootton
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Jan 24
Floor Covering Institute releases research on China's flooring industry, consumers, logistics
Jan 17
Floor Covering Institute experts to present 10 seminars at Surfaces 2012
Dec 19
Finding opportunities in the growing area rug market
Dec 15
Benefits of attending trade shows and conferences
Dec 1
How consumers purchase flooring; in-store and on-line
Nov 28
If housing is rebounding can floor covering sales be far behind?
Nov 21
Assessing opportunities in China; the market, logistics and consumer buying habits
Nov 17
Corporate culture; what dies it say about your company?
Nov 9
Coalition working to define Lacey Act Due Care Standard
Nov 4
Market strategy for a tough economy
Oct 28
Congratulations St. Louis Cardinals
Oct 27
Engineered hardwood anti-dumping saga nears conclusion as markets shift
Oct 24
New vision for B2B flooring web technology
Oct 21
Using design principles to make a statement in retail windows
Oct 19
Carpet's shrinking market share - is appearance retention to blame?
Oct 11
Flooring industry trends indicate hard surface flooring sales continue to grow
Sep 29
Getting-found-online-a floor covering imperative
Sept 21
Is comeptitive cooperation possible in the flooring industry?
Sep 15
Warren Tyler wants to find a resting place for that
Sep 13
Top cause of failed shower installations?
Sep 7
Beaulieu International enter LVT market with Super-Click
Sep 5
New Floor Covering opportunities revealed in the multi-family housing market
Sep 1
Thoughts on the consumer confidence index
Aug 23
Warren Tyler joins the Floor Covering Institute