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Press Release: The Floor Covering Institute Changes Direction with New Platform

May 16, 2022
York, PA

The Floor Covering Institute (FCI) has announced that it is shifting its organizational focus from a traditional consulting network to an integrated platform focused on educational services and real-time networking opportunities for professionals across every sector of the floor covering industry. The FCI will incorporate all of its current associates as key contributors to the new direction of the company.

“The new FCI will create a dynamic, virtual trade show that brings together groups with diverse interests and needs in a way that facilitates the connection of needs with solutions, services and products” says Brian Beakler, President of the FCI. “As the human resource base continues to shrink in our industry, it is critical for there to be little wasted time in finding good, reliable information and contacts. This is the niche that the FCI will fill.”

The FCI will focus on serving various disciplines within the global flooring community, from manufacturers to installers to retailers. Memberships are available in three tiers, with each offering members unique opportunities to not only educate on their products and services, but also drive and participate in unique networking events throughout the year to promote their services, products and technologies to potential customers.

The company has already started providing webinars covering topics such as design, resilient flooring issues in the field and co-branding sessions with the National Wood Flooring Association and Decorative Hardwoods Association on the impacts of the Russian/Ukrainian conflict on the engineered wood flooring sector. For more information, please visit www.floorcoveringinstitute.com.

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FCI Performance Series:
An Hour with Lew

Impact of Russian/Ukrainian Conflict on Birch Plywood used in EWF

FCI Design Series: Trends in Flooring

Impact of Russian/Ukrainian conflict on birch plywood used in engineered flooring.

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Brian Beakler, President of Floor Covering Institute

Dr. Brian Beakler, President