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To all of you who are in any way connected to the flooring industry,

You now have a trusted resource to help you accelerate your search for information and resources that can assist you with any of your pressing needs. Here at Floor Covering Institute you will find explanations of new technologies, products, testing resources, and opportunities to showcase your unique products and services through offerings such as webinars, magazine articles, and/or listings in our directories. And if you want to accelerate your journey of finding the right solution to fit your needs, our team of industry experts is available to personally assist you. Speaking with individual solution providers one by one when searching for answers generally leads to confusion and contradictions which wastes time and money. The fastest and most efficient way to find the solutions you need is to leverage the information vetted by the expertise available at Floor Covering Institute. Try Floor Covering Institute as the first stop on your next search for answers to any of your flooring related needs.

Dr. Brian Beakler